Animoto: It's a love thing

I fell in love with the girl before I found out that she could cook, dance, and play tennis, plus loves movies and my friend J.R.R. Tolkien. Well, okay, a lot of that is a fantasy, but something LIKE that happened with Animoto and it’s new iPhone app, because I followed up a tech alert on USA Today that mentioned Animoto, and wow, it was a dream come true, even before they launched the app.

But first you would have to have my dream, which was for an easy way to take a bunch of my poems, or any poet’s poems, and add multi-image effects (and maybe music) to them to create a sort of MTV version of poetry.

My sense is that poetry is just too much hard work for most people in our society, and that, if packaged with some images and perhaps some music, it could recapture some mindshare. Not that we need to abandon the 100 proof stuff, but that we maybe need to get a few people in the door with some bright and sparkly vintages.

Consider that before MTV there were few music videos. And music did not diminish due to MTV. It was just another way to look at it.

So there I was, on, uploading 5-6 iPhone photos, specifying a tune from their larder of 75 or so songs, hitting a button and waiting for my free multi-image video.

Of course, the first one was free. And any number of other 30 second videos. All sharable on the social sites, emailable, linkable from your site/blog, downloadable to your desktop, also free.

But then I got the idea to do a slideshow/video of the iPhone-captured faces of my new freshman English class so that they could practice name recognition. 25 faces in each of two classes. So I bought a couple of the 3 dollar unlimited length licenses. That was fun.

But then I went all out and bought the annual unlimited package for 30 bucks, and since then I’ve made four or five poetry videos (here’s one, and another), among others.

Then after all that fun I heard that they released their iPhone app, which means that I can, in a few minutes, take photos, open the app, select and rearrange the photos, choose music, and have a video created.

It takes 10-15 minutes for the video to get rendered, even online, but when it is, regardless or where you created it, you can view it on your iPhone.

Serious Animoto users will miss the text insertion features of the online version, plus the fact that you can preview the sound clips that you select.

Of course, serious Animoto users are also out there buying photos, short videos and audios on iStockphoto (an Animoto partner) to enhance their clips.

You can also use your own sound mixes if you create your own audio on the iPhone or in some program such as Garage Band.

You can easily shoot, rearrange, sonify, play and share your videos all on the iPhone, but even as a first draft Animoto tool, its still an amazing app, especially for someone who is already in love.


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