Review: Bheestie Bag...The Anti-Kryptonite For Your Mobile Device



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It is pretty much the living nightmare of everyone who lives in today’s mobile society.  You are paddling a boat on a river, washing your hands at the sink, jumping in puddles after a rainstorm, or walking through a woods on a snowy eve.  Suddenly…SPLASH…splash…splash….splash.  Your cell phone, iPod, GPS, camera, or any number of other mobile gadgets slips out of your pocket.  You watch as horror as your beloved device hits the water, losing power instantly like Superman contacting Kryptonite.  Yup…water is the Kryptonite of our society, destroying mobile devices by the dozen.  Just like our comic book heroes, however, every poison has its antidote, and you will not need the Green Hornet to find the antidote this time.  All you need are our friends at Bheestie.

Until now, a devastating encounter between mobile device and water pretty much meant it was time to buy a new device.  Sure, there were some home remedies.  The most popular being tossing your phone in a bowl of rice.  Sometimes that worked, but not always.  Rice is a good moisture absorber, but putting your phone in a bowl of rice is like hiring an amateur to paint your house.  He’ll get the job done…but you can do better.  What you really want is a professional.

Bheestie is that professional painter.  More precisely, it is a professional moisture absorber, designed to revive lost mobile devices which have been submerged in water.  Bheestie (which is derived from an Indian word meaning water carrier) is basically a resealable plastic bag.  It looks a lot like a miniature version of the kind of insulated bag you might use to carry beer to a picnic. 

Inside are two plastic bags containing water absorbing balls (they call them Bheestie balls).  Just leave those in the bags and let them suck the water right out of your damaged device.

I should pause here and mention that in order for the Bheestie bag to work its magic, it is important to get your device into the bag as quickly as possible after a water-based incident.  And by all means, if your device is submerged, do not try to turn it on.  Most of us already know that water and electricity do not mix.  If you turn on your device, one of the circuits inside could cause a short, and even the Bheestie bag will be unable to save you from that.

OK.  Back to the review.  Once your device is inside the Bheestie bag, just zip it shut (like a Ziploc bag) and leave it for a day or two (depending upon how wet your device is).  Don’t forget to turn off the device and remove the battery first.  Come back a few days later and your device should be as good as new.

Don’t believe me, let’s take the Bheestie bag for a test drive. 

I grabbed my old Sprint Mogul (a great phone in its day). 

Here it is submerged in a bowl of water (need I say, do not try this at home).  I left it there for about 2-3 minutes.

After submerging the device , I popped open the back and removed the battery (without attempting to turn on the phone first).  You can see some of the water which has accumulated inside the device. 

I dropped it in the Bheestie bag...

...and left it there for almost two days (the directions recommend 24-48 hours for a fully submersed device.)

Here is the same sprint Mogul phone two days later.  I popped the battery in, and fired it up…good as new.   My only question is where was the Bheestie a few years ago when my Dad dropped his iPod Touch in the lake. 

Whether you are going out in the rain or out on the lake, this is pretty much going to be a mandatory accessory for anyone who plans to be in or around water with any kind of mobile device. I plan to add one to my camping and hiking kit, not to mention my next beach vacation.

The Bheestie bag is available from for $20.00.

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