Quick Look: The Treasure Seekers Trilogy


Meet Tom and Nellie.  At an early age, this brother and sister duo became world traveling, country hoping, adventurers, as they learned their aunt was a world famous pirate and set off to find her trail…and her treasure.  Since then, they have sought treasure, exorcised ghosts, and helped all manner of ghoul, haunt, and other creatures of the night.  

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The three games in the Treasure Seekers trilogy are all hidden object games, but with a significant twist.  Rather then just searching through piles of junk to find the objects on the list, G5 Entertainment has devised the idea of the Key Object.  As you progress through the games, at different points, you will be required to unlock a key object, most likely to use to complete some in-game task.  When you tap on a key object, images of the items you must find to unlock the key object will appear.  Find all of the items in order to unlock the key object and continue toward completion of the task.

Not all tasks, however, are completed by unlocking the key objects.  There are plenty of other puzzles which must be completed along the way as well.  Between the three games, virtually every variety of single screen puzzle game can be found, and I was really impressed by how well they all worked…and how well they all worked together.

The best feature of these games, however, are the storylines.  Often, in hidden object games, the story is a cobbled together excuse to hop from one puzzle to the next.  Often, there can even be a complete disconnect between the story and the puzzles.  This is where G5 really excelled.  The puzzles in these games are all directly related to the progression of the story.  I thought they did a fantastic job of relating the puzzlesand tasks to the underlying story.   As a result, rather than the story simply jumping the game from one puzzle to the next, the puzzles served to propel the storyline forward, which was really an extremely refreshing approach to the genre.

The only real problem I had with this series was that they are far too short.  Especially the second game in the trilogy, which I thought was the best written of the three.  None of the three games took more than a few hours to complete.  By their nature, these games are not replayable at all, and G5 takes this even one step further by requiring you to delete your progress and start fresh if you try to keep playing after comoleting the game.  A one and done game like this needs to last a while in order to justify the cost.  Treasure Seekers, especially the second installment, failed in this respect, with the game ending just when the story was going strong.  A longer game could have told a better story and engaged the user for a considerably longer time.

G5 really gets the "Best In Show" award for this trilogy.  The Treasure Seekers series is, by far, the best hidden objects game (or games) I have played on the iPad.  Frankly, though, they just left me yearning for more adventures with Tom and Nellie.  Fortunately, G5 has already announced a fourth game in the series.  I can’t wait to check that one out as well.  Each entry just seems to build upon the last. 

Treasure Seekers I: $4.99

Treasure Seekers 2: $6.99

Treasure Seekers 3 (which just released today): $6.99

Each of the three games also has a free trial version so you can try before you buy.

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