Mastersoft Seeking Beta Testers

One of my good friends in the Windows Mobile community is Dom Masters, owner of Mastersoft Mobile Solutions.  He has made some phenomenal mobile games, including one of the few good mobile versions of Kakuro.  For some time, Mastersoft has talked about bringing their offerings over to the iPhone, and that transition is finally starting to happen.  Although it is still in the very early Alpha stages, Mastersoft is hard at work bringing both Sudoku and Kakuro to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  So…what does this have to do with you?  Well, a game (or games) this big need to be thoroughly tested before anyone can be expected to shell out their hard earned money, and Mastersoft is actively seeking Beta testers.  If you interested, just send your iPhone or iPod Touch UDID to betas [at] (don’t forget to replace the “at” with “@”.

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