Speck Brings Spring Colored Cases

Now that Spring is here, we all find ourselves outside more. That means we need to have cases to protect our precious iOS devices. What better way than with an incredibly refreshing color selection from Speck Products

Speck has a collection called CandyShell that has a wide variety of spring colors like CottonDandy Blue - Seen to the left. The iPhone case combines a glossy outer shell with a shock-absorbent rubberized center for excellent protection. The slick outshell protects the phone from scratches and drops, while the inner rubberized shell helps to absorb the impact and extends to the bezel - which helps protect the screen if dropped face down.

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It's nice to finally find a case that has this type of dual-layer protection in one simple, yet attractive case. The rubberized inner protrudes through the outer shell at the corners to help with the impact of most drops.

Also within the CandyShell collection, Speck has the CandyShell Grip. The rubbery inner shell extends to the outer hard shell to help with gripping your device. This also gives your device an added layer of protection and is designed with gamers in mind.

The only downside to these cases is the fact that the camera hole is much larger than most. This also allows for more opportunities to damage your lens. The upside is that the hole leaves the camera and the flash unimpeded. Thankfully, if the case were dropped onto a flat surface the lens and flash would be fine. 

When looking through coutless case companies, trying to decide which case to get, consider Speck's products because they have done their homework to make sure your iOS device is protected and stylish. So why not have a case that has bright Spring colors and gamers in mind to help you personalize your device while keeping it safe?



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