Is AppleCare+ Worth it?

When you walk into the Apple store on March 16th to purchase your new iPad, are you going to get AppleCare+?  

Before deciding, you should consider what you get with the purchase.  

Apple offers: 90 days of complimentary phone support for your device. This means that all of the little problems that may arise, when first using your device, can be solved from the comfort of your own home.  Not all problems that arise with your new iPad will require a visit to the Apple Store or a third-party reseller.

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You also get 1 year of hardware repair services.  This means that if your hard drive dies, some of the retina display malfunctions (some of your 3.1 million pixels fail), or anything else related to the orginal constuction of your device, you can have your unit repaired (and sometimes replaced).  This shows that Apple has confidence and truly believes in their products.

With AppleCare+:  If you get AppleCare+ with your new iPad, you get 2 years of phone support and 2 years of hardware repair coverage.  For a small deductible of $49, you can get your new iPad repaired or replaced, even if you drop it into water, run it over with your car or your kids decide to use it as a shovel. 

Plus, you can use this service twice.  That means that 2 instances of accidental damage (both with a $49 deductible) are covered.

Conclusion:  Is it a waste of money when you consider $49 vs. $499, if you break your device?  If you are accident prone, the answer is NO.  You NEED this service.  Otherwise, your new iPad should work for many years to come - if you take care of it.


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