Cool new Beanpad iPad 2 Case from Vantage Point!

The new and improved Beanpad by Vantage Point was released yesterday at CES (they released the original Beanpad at last year's CES). This new version uses Velcro and is lighter than the last model. It retails for $60 and comes in 4 colors. It's good for uneven surfaces. It looks like it would be really good for kids; in fact, while I was at the Vantage Point booth, I overheard a teacher commenting that it would be great for her class. 

Here's the description from their website:

"Once you attach a Beanpad to your iPad 2, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! The Beanpad allows you to easily position your iPad 2 to whatever angle and location you need it. It's the perfect companion for your lap and curling up on the couch. The bag conforms to most surfaces and the vibration dampening makes it a great choice for avid screen-typers and vehicle use."

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