Why I Love Siri

I love my new iPhone 4S. I had to get one to use Siri.

The temptation of having an assistant at my fingertips was more than I could bear.

I am an uncloseted Apple fanboy and love all my Apple stuff. That being said though I have noticed some of the same hiccups that you see on the web. Sometimes the server can't process my request and I have to wait. I can only imagine how much bandwith is being used up with Siri answering what the meaning of life is.....20 times in a row......by millions of users.

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Siri has also not transcribed or understood what I said a number of times. I have to keep remembering that she is not a she, but an actual phone.

Here is what she does that has earned her a place in my heart. She knows where I am and reminds me what to do. While I drive to work, I remember things I have to do when I get there. All I have to do is fire Siri up and ask her to remind me when I get to work that I want to write a post to iPhone Life.....and as soon as I pull up to the office, a reminder pops up. And if I need to remember to go to Costco before going home, I ask her to remind me when I leave work to stop by Costco...and she does that too. My wife is going to think I am taking some sort of miracle memory drug.

Of course Siri will set appointments, send emails and text messages, look things up on the web and set alarms, but I am loving how Siri never forgets, and reminds me cheerfully.

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