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ToDo Discounted....Hurry

ToDo ($9.99) is one of my favorite apps and is on sale until Jan1, 2011 for $0.99. I use it regularly to keep track of to dos and projects that I am working on. I like for it's syncing capability. I enter something once and it updates all my iDevices. In addition, it syncs with Toodledo, so that my calendar app, Pocket Informant ($14.99) also gets the updates. I am a very big fan of productivity apps that cut down the number of times I have to enter something.

When due dates are added to items, ToDo creates reminder alerts. If you are anything like me, being reminded is an imperative.

I paid $9.99 for it and have no regrets, so it is a total no brainer to grab it for $.99. Hurry!

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Steve Overton has been working with and providing tech support for realtors for more than 20 years. He was a Dale Carnegie Instructor in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont for 10 years. During that time, he bought his first handheld device — an Apple Newton — and hasn't looked back since.

Currently a realtor in Vermont at Keller Williams Green Mountain Properties, Steve owns four Macintosh computers, as well as an iPhone, and iPad. He is happily married and lives on 25 acres with his wife of 16 years.