Sudoku Like You've Never Seen It Before

I am not a big game guy, never have been. I do like board games though, and when I got my first iPhone, I fell in love with Sudoku. It gave me the opportunity to make the time spent in line or in a waiting room fly by. It tuned my analytical skills and didn't raise my blood pressure.

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Eye Of Shooga's version of Sudoku, Sudoku Adventure ($1.99), takes you on a journey through multiple worlds as you follow the main character, named 1/3, as he solves an elusive mathematical mystery. On each level, you are presented with a different Sudoku puzzle to solve, which I assume helps 1/3 on his journey. (The whole 1/3 story is a little hard to understand.)

The puzzles are creative and challenging. Each level of puzzles is different from the previous level. For instance in one series of puzzles, random squares are blocked out, so you either have to remember what number was under it or tap it to reveal the hidden number. The only wrinkle is, a bunch of other random squares then become hidden.

You can make notes for each square to remind yourself what numbers can go there, and you have the ability to make a note of what number can't be in a particular squarea new twist I haven't seen before. You can get hints if you get stuck, and you can also start over if you want to. All in all this is a very good Sudoku game and well worth the $1.99.

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