Print Vs. Digital

I love Mac magazines! It feels like Christmas every time one arrives in the mail. I have been a subscriber to iPhone Life since the beginning, and MacWorld and MacLife for well over 10 years. I still have MacAddict cd's dating back to 2003. Remember when all the magazines included cd's with each issue?

Now there are digital editions available for the big three. iPhone Life and MacWorld are distributed through the Zinio app. iPhone Life is included free with a subscription, MacWorld charges $6.99 per issue, and MacLife just released their own free app. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am partial to iPhone Life. It is the only one of the three I read from cover to cover each month....not to mention I am writing this blog for iPhone Life. That being said, I am also partial because I get a free digital copy. I like having digital versions so when I am in between appointments, I can keep reading where I left off.

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iPhone Life and MacWorld offer a very good rendition of the magazine allowing you to move from article to article out of sequence via a scrolling toolbar. You can switch to text if you want a cleaner and less distracting read, and access the index by tapping an icon in the top right corner.

MacLife's app is very nice. For now it is free. It includes great graphics, videos, slideshows and the ability to post to twitter and facebook and even e-mail articles to friends. It is truly an interactive version of the magazine. If they eventually start charging, I may consider only getting the digital copy because of the ability to post and e-mail from within the app.

MacWorld wants to charge me the same amount for a digital copy as a printed one. That's not likely to happen. I'll be sticking to my hard copy.

Although you can get all three on an iPhone or iPod Touch, the best experience is on the iPad.

I am not going to stop my wonderful surprises every month, but digital versions are beginning to make for a very good alternative.... if you aren't addicted to print the way I am.

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<p>Steve Overton has been working with and providing tech support for realtors for more than 20 years. He was a Dale Carnegie Instructor in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont for 10 years. During that time, he bought his first handheld device — an Apple Newton — and hasn't looked back since.</P>
<p>Currently a realtor in Vermont at <a href="">KW Vermont</a>, Steve owns four Macintosh computers, as well as an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. He is happily married and lives on 25 acres with his wife of 16 years.</P>