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I am a podcast addict. I admit it. There is no 12 step program for me so I indulge and I am better because of it. I listen to podcasts, watch video podcasts, watch instructional videos....I can't get enough.

So I had to share with you one of the best video podcasts on the web. It's called iPad Today, featuring an icon in the tech industry, Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane, who is a bright and funny techie in her own right. They have a weekly show where they go over apps for the iPad. They choose a topic and demo 3-4 apps that they have tried out and think are the best in that category.

They are up to 14 episodes as of this writing and I have downloaded at least one app per episode because I can watch the app perform before buying it. Leo and Sarah are fun to watch and all they talk about is the iPad. You can watch them live, watch it on their site or even download it to your computer. It is free and worth a whole lot more than that.

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