iCloud Keychain VS. LastPass and 1Password

This past Tuesday, Apple updated their Mac operating system to OS X Mavericks and their iOS software to 7.0.3. The feature that will raise security and productivity to a new level is iCloud Keychain. Its sole purpose is to save passwords and make them easy to use in Safari. Whether you are on your desktop or on an iPad or iPhone, Safari will protect your passwords and keep them in sync. You don't have to remember any of them, and you can create more secure ones than you are probably using now.

The two biggest password manager apps on Mac OS and iOS are 1Password ($40 on OS and $18 on iOS) and LastPass (free). I have been an avid fan of Lastpass, it remembers all my passwords so I don't have to type them to access websites any more. I have stronger passwords and don't have to remember them. My biggest complaint has been that in order to use Lastpass on my iPhone or iPad, I have had to remember to launch the app and use its built in browser rather than Safari. (1Password works the same way). On my desktop, I just have to open my browser, and as long as Lastpass is open, it will autofill logins and passwords. 

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Now with these updates, all my passwords and logins autofill in safari. It doesn't matter if I am on my iPhone, iPad, or iMac, everything autofills. iCloud Keychain can make my credit card numbers and expiration dates available too.

All you have to do is go to settings>iCloud>Keychain and make sure it is turned on. Just remember you do have to be running Mavericks and iOS 7.03.

I am not sure if iCloud Keychain is going to be a LastPass and 1Password killer, but right now it is for me.

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