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I know that you have gone food shopping and wanted to know whether something was really healthy or not. Fooducate (free) will scan a product and not only be able to give you the ingredients, but also give advice about whether it's high in sugar, whether the portions are small to keep relative numbers low to look better than they are, and much more. This is an app that's like having a dietician walking with you and counseling you on all your food choices. (remember you don't HAVE to scan that bag of chips or that bottle of wine). 

I used it the other day when buying a particular granola bar. What I found out is that there was a healthier alternative the app recommended. I couldn't tell that the portion was smaller so they could make it look better on the wrapper, but Fooducate could. 

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In the photo you can see that it indicates that BHT is present in the product. I love this. There is a big fight about whether or not that should be on the label, but with this app it doesn't matter, we get to know it's there. 

They also include something they call a FoodPoint score which I am sure technically doesn't refer to Weight Watcher points, but in my calculations, they correlate quite reliably.

In addition to health tips, they give recipes for making a similar item on your own, many of them vegan recipes. If an item isn't in their database, you can take a couple of photos of the product, upload it and they will do their research and add it.

I admit I like using this app, but have found that quite a few of the foods I buy aren't in the database yet. That's most likely because I tend toward organic and off brands. So I am doing my part to help build the database.

Heck it's free. I like it better that many of the shopping apps that charge. I know, because I have quite a few on my phone. 

Download it and give it a try. Stay healthy.

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