Your iPhone Camera: Helping You Find Your Car and Other Cool Stuff

How often do you use your iPhone’s camera feature?

Do you save it for just taking pictures of your friends and family and maybe the occasional jackwagon parking job (and then running it through FAIL Maker to make it that much funnier), or do you use it for nontraditional purposes?

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I’ve found ways to use my phone’s camera that help make life a little bit easier.

For example, have you ever thought to use your phone to take a picture of the lot number you’re parked in so you don’t lose your car every time you go to the mall?

It’s a lifesaver.

I also use my phone all the time as a notebook of sorts. If I see something cool I want to get for my wife, I can take a quick picture of it so I don’t forget.

Pretty slick, right?

Even slicker still is that I send them to Evernote or Pinterest to create a digital scrapbook.

A digital scrapbook of gifts I want to get my wife.

I’m kind of the best husband ever, aren’t I? People say I should teach classes.

But seriously, that camera comes in handy for all kinds of things!

The other day, I had been sent to the grocery store to pick up a few things for my wife. Among the items on the list I was given, it said “cereal.”  That’s it. Just “cereal.”  When faced with the overwhelming number of choices, I panicked because what kind do we need? If I attempt make such a decision on my own, you know I’m going to come home with the wrong thing, so you know what I did?

I was smart.

I sent my wife a picture of the kind I thought she wanted so I wouldn’t mess it up. I do this all the time now and it comes in very handy when we can’t be together in the same place, but I need her input. I spend a lot less time in line returning things, so it’s turned out to be a big time-saving tool!

Many times I use some cool apps like Hipstamatic, Instagram and Ransom to make the pictures I do take of friends and family and random jackwagons even more fun.

Hipstamatic for iPhone is an application that brings back the look and feel of an old toy camera. You swipe your finger across the screen to change the lens, flash, or film. I can spend hours experimenting with different combinations and I have to warn you that it’s addictive, you guys.

Instagram is everyone’s favorite right now, isn’t it?  It’s one of mine too. In case you don’t know yet, all you do is take a picture with your iPhone and then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the photo.  Then you can send it to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

FAIL Maker is all kinds of awesome. All you do is drag the appropriate captions onto the image you want to use. You can use photos from your library, or capture the ooh so precious moment of FAILwith your camera. Once done, you save the photo to your library. The only thing better than a FAIL moment is one enhanced with captions!

Ransom is one I don’t use too often because I save it for only the most special situation when it’s just begging to be done. With Ransom, you can make any picture look like a ransom note. There’s over 500 unique letters, numbers and punctuation cut outs to choose from so the possibilities for creativity are endless.

So that’s how I’ve been using my iPhone camera, iPhone lifers!

Next time you see a guy taking pictures of cereal at the grocery store, you’ll know why…

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