Thank You For Thinking Differently, Mr. Jobs

I heard about your passing in the early hours of the evening last night, just as the news was breaking.

I was on my iPhone.

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I looked down to take a moment and saw my iPad close by on one side, my Mac on the other, and I realized how much a part of my life you have been.

It wasn’t always that way. For years, my wife would tease me: she called me a “PC geek” and tried to entice me to drink the Apple juice. I was stubborn, but I did eventually give in and I bought an iPod.

And I loved it.

So I bought an iPhone and then a Mac and then an iPad and, well… the rest is history. I am now a complete and total Apple devotee. My wife was right, as she is about so many things (but please don’t tell her I said that).

I feel like you are an old friend, Mr. Jobs, because you were always so intimately involved in the technology that I use every day. You have made my life better in many ways. In fact, my work—which is my passion—would be nearly impossible without the power and efficiency you have placed in my hands and on my desktop.

Though you are an incredible man who has done so much in your too-short life, the most important gift you have shared with all of us is your example of leadership. Your courage, creativity, innovation, and ability to “think different” has been—and will always be—an inspiration to so many of us. Your life’s work is an example of what can be done, of what is achievable, if we’re willing to push boundaries, follow our hearts, and explore the possibilities.

For all that you have done and all that you have been, I thank you, Mr. Jobs.



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