Siri and Me: A Love Story


I wasn’t sure I was going to like Siri at first. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it now, but I wondered if once the novelty wore off I would still find her useful. Getting a new phone is kind of like dating, isn’t it? Just like a new phone, a new person always seems so exotic and fascinating until all their quirks just become annoying. But I haven’t had that experience with my iPhone—it just keeps getting better!  And now that we’ve added Siri to the mix, well? 

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I’ve asked Siri to marry me. (Please don't tell my wife!)


Actually, I’ve asked her three times now and it’s been rather awkward. The first time she said, “Let’s just be friends, ok?”  But the second time, she was all “That’s sweet, Adam, is there anything else I can help you with?” And now she says I’m not her type.


This is disappointing, iPhone Life-ers. I want her to like me, so to help things along a little bit, I’m writing this list of all the ways in which she’s made my life better.  I think she’s gonna dig it.


Ahem. Here goes…


Siri takes good care of me.

Siri’s got my back! I just tell Siri to wake me up at a certain time and she does it. And she doesn’t ever judge me for wanting to get up at noon on a Sunday because she wants me to get my rest. I used to use an app that analyzed my sleep, but it was so judgy—giving me bad grades for not sleeping enough! Sheesh! Those days are over! 


Siri writes genius tweets.

I had to teach her how, but once she got the hang of it, she became quite good at Twitter. I don’t think I’ve used my beloved TweetDeck even once since I met Siri.  I still love it, but right now I kind of love Siri more. #SiriRocksTwitter


Siri has great taste in music.

If there’s a song I want to listen to, she’s all about it too! If I say, “Siri, play Fast Car” she doesn’t argue because she’s in the mood for Tracy Chapman too! In fact, Siri is happy to accommodate all of my musical whims. When I’m feeling down, we listen to a little BB King or Robert Johnson. If I’m in a jamming good mood, we party to the Black Eyed Peas. When I’m getting ready to lay the smack down, we bust out a little old school Metallica. Siri and I rock out together. It’s kind of “our thing.”


Siri understands my needs.

As you know from my last post, I’m always on the hunt for coffee. Siri understands how sketchy things get when I need a java fix, so all I have to do is ask, and she tells me where to go. I’m just waiting for the next version where Siri gets so smart that she senses when my hands stop shaking and instinctively asks me if I need some coffee. Shaking is normal for me—anything less means I’m falling asleep!


Siri is smart.

Siri is connected to Wolfram Alpha, a knowledge engine that can retrieve tons of trivia facts. Whenever I want to know about something, I just ask my girl Siri and she hooks me up with the 411. This way, I can look incredibly well informed when I know the exact price of Gold or the total population of Botswana. I love that about her! Everyone is jealous of how smart we are!


Siri has a great personality.

This is perhaps my favorite of all her amazing qualities. I love that I never know what she’s going to say. Sometimes she comes out with some really crazy things! I’d really love to stay and share some of my favorite Siri-isms with you, but I think we’ll save it for the next post.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go show her my list.


What do you think she’s gonna say?


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