Product Review: EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones “Because Dance Music is in Your DNA”

I recently reviewed a set of Bluetooth headphones by CoolStream that I liked a lot. In that review, I talked about how much I hated fumbling with tangled headphone wires and earpieces that don’t stay in your ears. Well, the EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones ($49.99) are the exception to all of that. Plus, they sound fantastic! 

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Let’s take a look at the specs:

  • Inspired by and designed for Electronic Dance Music
  • Tuned for EDM with enhanced bass, spacious sound, and excellent dynamics
  • Inline microphone, remote, and universal volume control for headset use
  • Noise-isolating in-ear fit with angled nozzle for long term comfort
  • Features two-tone tangle-resistant flat cable, color-matched carrying case, and EDM wristband

These aren’t just any old set of headphones. They’re specifically designed for use while listening to Electronic Dance Music, or EDM. I have to say they’re pretty darn incredible!  You can actually feel the deep bass!  But they also have excellent clarity and great dynamics. I was blown away when I switched from a generic pair I found laying around the office to these. I heard bass I didn’t even know existed with the other ones!

To get the opinion of someone who truly does have dance music in her DNA, I had our teenaged intern give them a try. After spending a few minutes with them on, she returned to my desk beaming. She loved the EDM Universe headphones and compared them to her favorite Beats by Dre ones.

Testing out the inline microphone, I found the controls to be intuitive with a simple sliding switch for volume control and a button to allow you to take calls and switch songs on your phone, tablet, iPod or computer. I called my wife to test out the microphone and she couldn’t even tell I was using one.

Once you find the right sized earpiece for you, the in-ear fit is very snug so you really can’t hear much of the outside world. This is awesome because you really get to hear the music and not the music plus background noise. You also don’t have to crank your volume up to block out other sounds, so it protects your hearing quite a bit too. However, I would caution you that when jogging or biking with these bad boys on, you need to keep the volume down so you have a shot at hearing traffic around you. We don’t want anything bad happening to you while you’re rocking out!  Bad stuff would totally go against the ideals of peace, love, unity, and respect that the EDM lifestyle embodies.

The tangle resistant cord is a little bit thick and cumbersome because it’s flat. I still managed to tangle the thing, but it was much easier to get it undone than it is with traditional cords. I can live with the thicker cord if it means I can untangle it easily.

In all, I think the EDM Universe in-ear headphones are pretty great, so I give them 5 out of 5 stars.

You’re going to love feeling that bass thumping through you! 



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