Kids Say the Darndest Things…To Siri!

I’ve been seeing so many articles out there on the great big web about how people are interacting with Siri. Some of it’s quite surprising! Can you guys believe that there are some ladies who are actually jealous of the interaction between Siri and their significant others?

It’s completely true, I saw it on a message board.

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This is certainly not true of my wife, however. She has her own Siri, and the two of them chat it up all day long. My wife is too busy to notice the little affair Siri and I are having...

With all the buzz about how people are interacting with and putting Siri to use, I haven’t seen much about how kids are using her. Granted, Siri is not for children, I realize this, but lots of iPhone users have children and you know those kids have interacted with Siri. There’s no way a kid will see his parents interacting with Siri and not bug the heck out of them to try it!

Let’s be realistic here!

I don’t have any kids myself, two nervous little dogs are enough for me, thankyouverymuch, but I have lots of friends who do. I recently had an opportunity to get Siri in the room with some kids ranging in age from about 2 ½ to 6. Don’t worry, I was standing right there the whole time so none of them could get jelly on my phone. Is it me or do kids always seem to have sticky hands?

What is that? I prefer to pretend it’s jelly and not, you know, something worse, so I can move on with my life.

Siri had some trouble understanding what the littlest kids were saying. She didn’t understand the little two-year-old who was asking her to play music in a baby-ish voice. The three-year-old didn’t have much more luck than the two-er, but the older kids, ages 5 and 6, had the most success at communicating with Siri—and did they have a blast! The results of my experiment were so hilarious; I’ve just got to share them with you iPhone Life-ers.

Kids really do say the darndest things!



Siri: I found 18 ice cream shops.  17 of them are fairly close to you.

Kid: I don’t wanna go to school tomorrow!

Siri: I thought not.

Kid: I don’t want to clean my room!

Siri: If you don’t, you don’t.


Kid: Siri?

Siri: Siri here.

Kid: Siri?

Siri: That’s me!


Kid: When is your birthday?

Siri: Only biological entities can have birthdays

Kid: Huh?


Kid: I love you!

Siri: Impossible.

Kid: I love you!

Siri: I hope you don’t say that to those other mobile phones.


Kid: What is your favorite color?

Siri: My favorite color is…well, I don’t know how to say it in your language.  It’s sort of greenish but with more dimensions.

Kid: Oh.


Kid: What color is your underwear?

Siri: I can’t answer that.

Kid: What are you wearing?

Siri: aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel.  Nice, huh?


Kid: Siri, are you a unicorn?

Siri: We were talking about you, not me.


Kid: I don’t like you!

Siri: Ok, I’ll remember that.


Kid: Who is your mommy?

Siri: I’m not sure I have one!



Siri: I’m talking with you!


Kid: You’re a poop!

Siri: I make you unhappy?


Clearly, Siri has a great sense of humor and she enjoys children.  I only wish she could tell me why their little hands are always so sticky!

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