It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—For Shopping Apps!

It’s the holidays, people.

I’ve got my credit card out and I’m ready to hit the shopping mall, baby! Let’s do this!


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More like, I’ve got a thermos full of “special” hot chocolate in my coat pocket and an intense hatred for parking garages, filthy men’s rooms, and interminably long lines.

Oh, and bleeding money for a month solid? I’m not a fan.

Holiday shopping makes weep like Frosty the Snowman on a sunny day, but I managed to find a few apps that make it a little less painful, and I thought I’d share them with you today—just in time for you to hit the mall.

FastMall is by far my favorite shopping app. With it, I can get a map of the mall I’m in so I don’t have to stand bewildered in front of one of those giant maps searching, sometimes in vain, for the “you are here” arrow. I can just use FastMall to help me find the Gap or whatever so I can get in there, get what I need, stand in line for an hour, and get out. And of course, while I’m there I’m going to have to hit up the men’s room. All you do is shake the phone and it will tell you where to go! I hate the men’s room. Whatever those men are doing in there, I want no part of, so I karate kick the door down to avoid those nasty door handles. Don’t you?  Because yick!

Lemon is another favorite of mine! If you’re anything like me, you lose receipts All. The. Time. They’re annoying, right?  I hate opening my wallet and finding more random receipts than cash, so I got this nifty little app that helps me avoid the chaos that naturally ensues when I have to return something and I can’t find the @#%&*!@ receipt. I can take a picture of the receipt and Lemon reads and stores the information for me so I can kiss that silly little slip of paper goodbye! Now, when I open my wallet, there’s…nothing in there but my Caffeine Addicts United League of Affliction card. I have no idea why I even have that

“I don’t know honey, this seems a little pricy for The Clapper…let’s see who has it for the best price” and then I bust out with Price Check by Amazon. All I gotta do is scan the barcode, say “The Clapper,” or type it in and Price Check will help me find the best price, right there in the store. It’s cool because I can search by barcode, picture, voice or text. What I really like though is that I get access to customer reviews. So, if I’m not sure if Auntie Millicent will like The Clapper or not, I can read what other people have to say about it before I make my decision. This is great because Auntie Millicent is a big fussypants—I mean, she has very discerning tastes and I won’t have to risk buying the wrong thing and disappointing her.

Last but not least there’s Shopkick. This is a fun one because it turns the dreaded shopping into a game. With shopkick I get deals and rewards just for walking into stores. I collect my “kicks” to unlock deals all over the place. It doesn’t work everywhere, but I wish it did because that would make shopping the best thing ever. Well, maybe not the best thing ever, but it would make it more bearable at least. I’d be able to run around all the stores scanning featured products and collecting rewards. I could even win a CRUISE AROUND THE WORLD, which I’m gonna need after all this holiday hullabaloo is over with.

So there you have it holiday shoppers! That’s my personal guide to apps that help keep The Crazy at bay this holiday season.

Happy Shopping!

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