A Day in My iPhone Life: Apps I Can’t Leave Home Without—Literally!

I’m going to admit something to you today, iPhone Life-ers. 

My name is Adam, and I am addicted to my iPhone. That’s one of the 12 steps, right? Admitting you have a problem?  Only 11 more to go!

I’m hooked on The Apple Juice and I can’t live without it!

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I feel like I can say that here because I’m amongst my own kind. You get me.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I hear is the melodious sound of Alarm Clock Free.  I check the weather with that same app, and I hit the ground running (actually, it’s more like stumbling until I get some coffee…)!

After my blessed first cup of the day, I shower and dress and get ready to take on the world.  Every day, I thank all that is good and stylish that I have Wardrobe! so I don’t leave the house dressed like a jackwagon.

I use OnStar RemoteLink to unlock and start my car.  It makes me giddy every time I do this (my inner seven-year-old still loves remote control cars). Now, if I could only get it to actually drive me to work while I did other really important stuff.

Once on the road, it’s time to stop for some grub. My Key Ring Rewards Cards app stores all my store key tags for me so I don’t have to carry all those dirt-collecting plastic tags anymore, and I score a free cup of coffee at the checkout!  Boo-Ya!  Today is lookin’ good!

While in the store, I see a really goofy little dog that makes me laugh,

and I can’t resist whipping out my phone and taking a picture. I use Tweetings to share it with my loyal twitter and facebook fans who, I am sure, hang on my every word…

On the way back to my—WAIT!  Where is my car?  Car Finder to the rescue!

Once in the car, I log onto IM+Pro so I can IM to check in with my team at the studio.  Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra bossy, I use the Dragon Dictation app to record a voice message and email it in.  They love it when I do that.  Sometimes I use it for Twitter and Facebook too so my fans don’t have to go too long without hearing from me.

While I’m out at appointments, MeetMe helps me coordinate my meetings with clients and keeps me going to the right place at the right time. I use BatchBook to monitor my sales pipeline, manage my contacts, my to-do list, and recent account activity.  It’s synched with my BatchBook account so I get real-time access to crucial information.

And speaking of real-time access and crucial information, I have Live Cams set up so I can check in at home to make sure our dogs aren’t eating my wife’s shoes or ripping the couch to shreds.  There isn’t much I can do about it if they are, but at least I know what I’m coming home to.

In between meetings, if I have time, I check in on my Klout score with Social Score because it validates my worth as a human being.

On my way home after a long day, I use Hello Vino to help me pick out a bottle of something happy to enjoy with dinner.  I’m a fan of a good Pinot Noir—which you’d already know if you followed me on Twitter…@adamharvey…(ahem).

And just before I set my Alarm Clock again, I set up Sleep Tracker which records, graphs and analyzes my sleep patterns.

Who says four hours of sleep a night isn’t enough?  I feel great!  Walking into walls is perfectly normal behavior.

So there you have it, iPhone Life-ers.  If loving my apps is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

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