Valentine’s Day Apps: Six Ways to Impress Your Date

It’s that time of year, iPhone Lifers. As Valentine’s Day approaches, every man’s heart is aflutter.

With fear.

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Anyone with any experience with the ladies knows that whatever you do, don’t screw up Valentine’s Day.

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to share with you guys today, but the ladies will enjoy this post as well, because they have fun spoiling their loved ones too. 

All aboard the love train!


Ok, yeah. Totally agree. A little too much enthusiasm there. I about pulled a Tom Cruise and jumped up on the couch.

Moving along…

1. Chocolate—Irresistible Recipes

Everyone feels spoiled when somebody cooks for them. It’s the way to just about anyone’s heart, so what better way to say “I dig you” than to make some sort of rich, chocolaty dessert?  I really like Chocolate—Irresistible Recipes. I’ve only tried the hot desserts so far and I have just three words for you. Oh. My. God. With more than 50 recipes complete with high quality photos, you’re going to find many decadent things to make.

2. Virtual Candle

What would romantic chocolate desserts be without a little simulated candlelight? Well, they’d still be delicious, but I dare say they wouldn’t be as awesome! And for Valentine’s Day, pick the heart shaped one. Because you have to.

3. Love Notes by Teleflora

You must have flowers if this romance thing is going to work at all! Love Notes by Teleflora is by far one of my favorite apps. You can shop for bouquets right from the app, and it helps you in the note-writing department as well! If all that comes to mind is, “Roses are red, violets are blue…” then you need this app! First, select whether your note is going to a girl or a guy. Next, punch in their name and adjust the sliders to reflect your mood. You can keep tweaking until you’ve got just the right message.

4. Romantic Music - Top 100+ Midnight Romantic Songs

It goes without saying that a little romantic music adds to the occasion (Nothing like a little Barry White to set the mood, right?). Find something that gets you snappin’ and swayin’ with some romantic mojo. This app streams a good variety of love songs from the creator’s library. I’d rather build my own playlist, but sometimes love cannot wait!

5. Slots of Love - Romance Ideas & Tips

If you’re hurting for ideas, this app is perfect. Slots of Love lets you filter romantic ideas by gender, time, and expense. It covers the quick little things all the way to a full-blown extravaganza for a special occasion. You don’t even have to worry about running out of ideas, because they’re updated daily. And nobody has to know you’ve been using an app. You get to look like a hero. A hero with a secret in your pocket!

6. Nifty Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie. Picnic at the park. Then what? Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and wind up doing all the same old stuff together. Aside from the silly name, this app has a lot going for it. Some of the ideas are ludicrous, but some are pretty decent, and I have to say, really fun. It’s worth the 99¢ investment, and if you don’t like it, you can at least laugh at some of the more outlandish suggestions together!

I hope you take something away from this post that will help you keep the love alive in your relationship. It’s so important to make sure your partner knows you’re thinking of them, so whether it’s a little bit of silly fun, or a carefully planned occasion, make sure you don’t screw up Valentine’s Day!

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