Pet App Reviews: Apps Have Gone to the Dogs!


I think I’ve probably mentioned to you iPhone Life-ers that I have two little dogs. Well, they’re not really my dogs, per se. They’re my wife’s dogs, so by virtue of their proximity (and their sleeping on my bed), they’re also mine.

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That's a picture of little Dolce looking swanky in her jacket right there.  Poor Bella is terribly camera shy, so just imagine Dolce with more hair and that's what she looks like.

They amuse me, so I like to help out with taking care of them. Also, there’s tons of cool apps I get to experiment with!

Pet owners are crazy about apps!

Have you ever been tempted to toss your dog a scrap of something you’re eating and thought twice about it?  Dogs are allergic to some weird stuff, right? Like, raisins?  Onions?  Chocolate?  I do not enjoy unnecessary vet bills, so before I toss little Bella and Dolce something good, I check on it with iKibble.  It helps me know which foods are safe for them. I can browse foods by category or healthiness, and I can search for a specific food. Next time I think of sharing my onion and raisin sandwich with them, I can look it up first!

Ever wonder what in the name of Fido your dog is saying when they’re barking at you?  I think it sounds like they’re saying “Hey! Hey! Hey!” but Dog Translator is a way to find out what all that barking is about!  YES! I can just hold the phone up to the dog while she’s barking and voila! Dog Translator records the barking and gives me a translation.

I have to say, that Dolce has one FRESH mouth on her!  I never knew!

I can’t even repeat it, it’s so bad.

Where did we go wrong raising her?

Pet Snap is all kinds of cool because it plays sounds that attract a dog’s attention and it makes them do cute things with their ears. Without this app, getting pictures of our little crazies is like, well, it’s like herding cats. I can only whistle and say “woo-hoo, Bella, look over here!” so many times before I just give up and take another picture of her butt.

Because they’re so small, Bella and Dolce are terrified of thunder. Especially little Dolce. We have tried so many things to help soothe her in times of troubled weather, but nothing really does the trick. So, next storm, I’m anxious to try Pet Acoustics.  It’s supposed to soothe them with music at special frequencies, volume and rhythms specifically designed for an animal’s sensitive hearing. You won’t find any sweet Lady Gaga re-mixes on here, but you will possibly find something to help with separation anxiety, thunderstorm fears, car travel or visits to the good doctor (we don’t say the word V-E-T in our house). So far I’ve only played a few tunes for the ladies. Dolce is particularly fond of “Me and My Dog.” That’s her jam.

That’s all I have in the way of pet apps for you today, iPhone Life-ers!


That was Bella saying “see you next time!”

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