Apps For Collaboration and Organization


It’s time for some Spring organizing, iPhone Life-ers!

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I don’t know about you, but my life gets cluttered up pretty quickly. We all wear many different hats during the day and it’s easy to drown in it all—forgetting to do things or missing a team meeting. So, today we’re going to talk about some apps that help facilitate organization and collaboration.

I was thinking it might be cool to have a way to convert my emails into tasks. Taskforce is a neat way to do that. It can be added to Gmail or any other email platform you have. Not only can you convert emails to tasks, but you can add to an existing task, collaborate on tasks, delay tasks and set reminders. I like it so much I’m actually considering an upgrade to Taskforce Pro, which has a long list of extra bells and whistles.

I like bells and whistles.

Idea Sketch is incredibly fun! It allows you to visualize, create, and share your ideas. So, let’s say you get a genius idea and you’ve just got to get it out. You can quickly sketch it out as a diagram and then view it as an outline. Or, you can do it the other way and start with an outline and transform it to a diagram. I love playing around with it and my favorite feature is that you can share it via email. You can also save it to your photos or upload it to Facebook. I like to mess with my wife by diagramming our weekend plans and sending them to her email. I also showed her how to make a grilled cheese once. Not that she doesn’t already know how to do that, but hey. I was hungry! I was sending her a not-so-subtle hint.

She gave me the hairy eyeball, but I thought I was being rather clever.

If it’s good enough for the likes of Lego, Samsung, BP, and Groupon, it’s good enough for Adam Harvey! Teambox is an awesome team productivity tool that’s free to use for up to 5 people on 5 projects with 5 GB of storage. At first I tried it out on five Very Lucky team members. I’m considering upgrading to a paid version because this is a really nice app! I like it because it feels like a social network where I can share tasks and files in a secure way with my team. I can manage tasks with status, due dates and milestones and I can get a quick overview of projects and track ideas and deliverables. It’s making things a lot easier for all of us.

“Okay. Who forgot to pick up creamer, sugar, and toilet paper?” is something I’ll never have to say again!

With Grocify, we can quickly and easily add items to the list of stuff we need at the office. Everyone can have access to it, and it can be used with any computer or phone. It’s free to use but it’s still in beta, so it’s not full of features yet. I’m excited to see what they add to it, but for now, we’re just enjoying having toilet paper.

So how is your spring organizing going, iPhone Life-ers?  Are there any apps that help with orgainization and collaboration that you’re loving right now?  Which ones are you chasing out with the cobwebs? 

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