Got an iPhone 5? You might need a uNu AERO

I've written about uNu before, as I've been using their battery cases for my older iPhone 4. Now that I have an iPhone 5s, I still need that extra juice throughout the day, especially when I'm traveling. Fortunately, they have a version for the Lightning-based iPhone 5, but their AERO model ($99.95) goes even further. In addition to providing extra power and letting you charge the case by microUSB, you can charge the case wirelessly!

Unu Aero Wireless Charging Case black

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Apple's Lightning charger made things easier as you didn't have to worry about which way the plug went in, but wireless charging means no plugs at all! Wireless charging is the next big thing, and once you've tried it, you won't want to go back. My MacBook Pro uses Apple's MagSafe connector, and my Pebble watch has a magnetic charger as well. So the uNu AERO brings this luxury to the iPhone 5 and 5s.

Unu Aero Wireless Charging Case with magnetic charger

There's no magic involved, indeed there isn't even the inductive charging you find in other such products. There are tiny magnetic dots on the back of the case that, when placed on the slim metallic base, make an electrical connection, enabling charging of the device.Unu Aero Wireless Charging Case white

You can get the black case with its rubbery grip to prevent slips, or the glossy white version. Both have openings for the mute switch camera, and headphone jack. Because some headphones might not fit, they include an extender cable, which is a nice touch. I also like that the speakers are redirected towards the user, something Apple should have done in the first place.

I love the idea of just setting the phone down on my desk and having it charge. They sell extra mats at a very affordable $25 each in packs of two, so you can place them around the house and office. Unlimited power is the ultimate luxury, and not having to think about charging is the next best thing!

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