Xenome Episode I shows the future of gaming via a dystopian wasteland!

There's a new game in town, and a new town in town for that matter.  The game is Xenome Episode I and the fictitious town is Silica Flats, a dystopian view of the future, 250+ years from now.  The 3D game offers that rare combination of beautiful graphics of a desolate, barren wasteland.

The goal of Xenome Episode I is pretty straightforward for action/adventure RPG gamers... Kill monsters, gain experience, and customize your character while the story unfolds.

Silica Flats from Xenome Episode I

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What sets this app apart is the attention to detail.  The five square miles of territory is rendered in great detail.  In fact, the developers say this 171MB app requires more recent hardware, specifically iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and 3rd gen iPod touch devices.  The iPad works as well, but it's not a universal app, so you will be playing in 1x or 2x mode, which isn't bad.  I can only imagine how large an app it would be if it was a native iPad app).

The developers used a barren wasteland as their setting for Episode I.  I only hope future episodes visit a lush paradise so that 3D engine can be put to use with some attractive scenes!

I used the app on both my iPhone 4 and iPad and did not have any performance issues.  The developers suggest you close any background apps in iOS 4.0, which is something we didn't have to worry about before Apple added multitasking.

The controls are decent, and my only gripe is that when holding your iDevice, your hand will probably block the speaker.  I found placing my iPad on a flat table worked best.  The app does allow for 180 degree rotation, so you can find the ideal way to hold your iDevice.

In addition to having the latest hardware, you'll need to have $4.99 for this app, and that's if you act now.  The iTunes description says the price is going up to $7.99 after July 12th, making this one of the higher priced games.  However, the depth of the app (and companion website, www.XenomeOnline.com) proves that Xenome Episode I is also one of the higher quality games available, setting a new standard for such apps.  I look forward to more episodes as well!

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