What the Google IO Announcements Mean for iPhone Life Readers

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is less than two weeks away, but Google's is just ending. They made a lot of announcements and some of them will have an impact on the iOS world. Here are some of the most important and relevant items, in addition to fingerprint-based authentication and Android Pay which we covered earlier.

Google Photos 

While Apple is a bit stingy, allowing 5 GB of storage before charging you, Google has gone all in with free unlimited photo storage. There are only a few caveats. For instance, if you want to upload RAW or TIFF files, those count against a storage limit. But for most of us, who use JPEG compression for photos, there are no limits. Oh, and videos are free, too! This is a huge deal and may change how people store photos and videos. The problem is, if there are no limits, it could get hard to find a specific photo in such a huge library. Fortunately, the search-engine Goliath has an answer. Their app can find photos based on date and location, but also keywords like "sky," and it can recognize faces. This promises to make it manageable to store all your photos in one spot. Of course, you have to trust Google with your photos too. In addition to Android and iOS, Google Photos works with the web.

Google Inbox 

If searching through unlimited photos seems daunting, the same is true for email. Google opened up their Inbox offering so users of Gmail, whether on Android or iOS can try their revolutionary email filing system.


Google Cardboard 

This virtual reality offering is a dirt cheap way to compete with Facebook's $1500 Oculus Rift. Google Cardboard is basically a foldable cardboard headset, with lenses and a slot for your smartphone. This has been around for a while, but now app developers can write Google Cardboard apps for both Android and iPhones. Google also launched a Virtual Reality partnership with GoPro called Jump and an education-specific VR effort dubbed Expeditions.


Google also announced a new version of Android, dubbed M (as in one of the M&Ms perhaps, to continue with their candy naming scheme) which will be available in Q3. They also launched Brillo, an Internet of Things operating system, plus Weave, a programming language for connected devices. More announcements were made, related to development, so it might be a while until end users reap the benefits. Fortunately, several of the technologies are cross-platform so Apple users will enjoy them, eventually!

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