What Steve DIDN'T say at the iOS event

If you're like me, you watched today's Apple event and paid a great deal of attention to what Steve Jobs said.  And to what he didn't say.

Steve said that 'everything' is coming to iPad in 4.2 later this year and then he specifically mentioned 'HDR Photos'... so, did he foreshadow a camera for the iPad? It's already overdue and now that the iPod touch has two cameras, it's LONG overdue.  Remember, this is Apple's most expensive iOS device.

Apple bundled a nano-sized multitouch screen to the new iPod nano and it runs Apple's built-in apps including Nike+.  Steve didn't mention third party apps, and it would be a challenge to create apps for that tiny screen... but the possibilities are intriguing.  Remember the original iPhone couldn't run third party apps either!

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iPod nano

The show was preceded by The Beatles "We can work it out" (it might have been a cover recording by another band), leading to the inevitable speculation that the Beatles' music would finally make it to iTunes, but there was no such announcement.

Also, Apple introduced a new logo for iTunes, one that removes the CD disc image.  I applaud that.  But it kept the musical notes and made them front and center.  Remember, iTunes is a delivery mechanism for movies, podcasts, and of course apps (which, as a developer, is close to my heart).  I would like to see an App Store program that separates music/movies/media from apps.

new iTunes 10 logo

The AppleTV looks great and while it was anticipated, many watchers expected an aluminum box with the styling of the new Mac mini and iPhone 4, but presumably for cost reasons they stuck with plastic, albeit black instead of traditional Apple white.  I have been using a Mac mini as a home theatre PC but it has been having issues lately and, at just $99, I think I've found my replacement.  The one thing I don't want to give up is the ability to browse the web and check my email.  Rumors were that this device would support iOS and perhaps I could connect a Bluetooth keyboard or connect from my iPhone but that doesn't appear to be the case.  The AirPlay feature is nice, as it lets you 'push' media from your iOS device and have them play on the AppleTV.



UPDATE: The event is over, the online Apple Store is back up, and I just placed my order for an AppleTV.  At $99, it's a no brainer.

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