Wear you iPod nano on your wrist with iWatchz #CES

Ever since the latest iteration of the iPod nano was introduced, people have been trying to wear their nano as a wristwatch. Computer accessory vendors have jumped on the bandwagon, often offering little more than a Velcro wristband and calling it a watch case.

Fortunately, iWatchz is a line of accessories designed by a comapny that is first and foremost a watchband company, and they have used that skill and design expertise to make a high quality suite of wristwatch bands for the iPod nano.

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There are metal and leather versions in a variety of colors and stitching options. Unlike some competing models, they leverage the nano's clip so you can easily press, slide and click the nano in place, and remove it just as easily. Naturally, buttons and ports remain accessible.

Showing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they even include a pin removal tool with their metal "Elemetal" model, allowing it to fit from six to eight inch wrists.

Before I make an iPod nano my daily watch, I would prefer if Apple made some design enhancements. Specifically, I would like to see a waterproof model (perhaps using one of those coatings we saw at CES like Liquipel or HzO from ZAGG) and induction charging similar to the Palm Pre or HP TouchPad. While those gadgets were ill-fated, that technology is the way of the future. If the nano could be charged wirelessly, and synced wirelessly, that would make it easier to wear daily and make waterproof.

Another nice enhancement would be Bluetooth, so we could interact with an iPhone to see Caller ID and act as a speakerphone. Maybe we could even have a FaceTime watch, just like with Dick Tracy! Another benefit of Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi would be the ability to control Apple TV either by voice or a remote app. This would not only sell iPod nano's but also Apple TVs.

An updated iPod nano, with an integrated camera, is rumored for March or April, perhaps with an iPad 3, so maybe we will see a more wrist-friendly implementation! Then, those quality wristbands from iWatchz will be even more apropos.
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