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If you're an app developer, as I am, once you start to get a decent amount of sales, you start looking for a way to track those sales so you can do some analysis.  For a long time, I tried various web services.  They had a nice advantage as they automatically downloaded your sales reports and created charts, without your having to do anything.  But if you have a lot of apps, as I do, web services can be expensive, as they typically charge per month and per app... even for free ones.  So a friend told me about AppViz from IdeaSwarm, and I've been using it every day for a couple of years now.


AppViz is great.  It's a Mac-based program, so once you own it, there are no charges per month or per app.  The program automatically downloads sales reports from iTunesconnect including iAd revenue, In-App purchases and even worldwide reviews and rankings!  The program creates charts for sales/downloads/revenue by app or in total.

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Every morning, AppViz is one of the first things I check.  I can make pricing changes based on trends and that has easily paid for the $49 price of AppViz.  Sales reports from Apple used to be available around 7am, but lately, it's been a bit later, so that can be frustrating.  But it's not AppViz' fault!  You have to make sure your Mac connects to the Internet at least once a week or so, but that's usually not a problem.  You can also import old reports manually, if you have saved yours, so AppViz can include history from before the time you started using it.


I actually got to meet the developers of AppViz, in a chance meeting at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, this past June.  Nice guys and very responsive.  As Apple changes various formats and processes in iTunesconnect, they typically have an update within a day.  They are app developers, too, so they know what we want.

If you have more than a couple of apps, and want to easily track their sales, I highly recommend AppViz from IdeaSwarm.  Definitely download their trial and see if it's right for you.

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