Try the Proposition App, if You Dare

I like apps that are open ended enough to adapt to the user's personality. Proposition is one such app. If you are a professional, by the book, no nonsense kind of person then Proposition could reflect that. If you are a prankster, happy go-lucky adventurous risk-taking type, then you will find Proposition will match that. It's almost a psychological test of your personality. Basically, Proposition is like Truth or Dare, with emphasis on the Dare part, and leveraging social networking and mobile technology.

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The developer put together a great video that describes how Proposition works.

I've corresponded with the developer, and asked for some background on how they came up with the app. Here's how he describes the app:

"Proposition is a two person app. It is designed so that it can be used by a number of different subsets of people (e.g. friends, coworkers, drinking buddies, etc.) However, by nature of many of the 300-plus prizes to choose from in the app, the reality is that most players that use it will most likely have some sort of relationship connection with each other. This can range from the "I just met someone that I like" stage ("Kim has to meet me up for happy hour"), all the way to being married with kids ("Mike has to change the baby's diaper"). This "relationship" subset will most likely be our largest user base going forward.

"Part of the idea behind the app was also to try to implement two different psychological elements to it. First, you have to ask yourself (our tag line), 'what are you willing to risk to try and get what you want.' For example, would you be willing to risk having to go streaking if there was only a 10 percent chance of that having to occur, but a 90 percent chance you'd be the one to win and instead get your car washed? For the right odds, and the right prize, you just might be surprised how much you'd be willing to risk. And second, having to assess a potential Proposition in which the prizes selected by each of the players might be of a completely different genre. For example, negotiating a particular Proposition in which the prizes are of a similar category might be somewhat easy to assess (e.g. 'Mike has to chug a beer' vs. 'Kim has to take a shot.') But what about when the players each pick completely disparate prizes (e.g. 'Mike has to take me out to a fancy dinner' vs 'Kim has to come over and clean my bathroom')? So it makes it harder to assess your own risk tolerance when such a scenario occurs." 

The app is only on iPhone, so iPad users have to run in 2X mode. You can only connect with Facebook friends who have the app, so that is a bit limiting. There should be a way to invite other friends directly. If you have a lot of Facebook friends and like to socialize, then Proposition could be a fun way to learn about each other's personalities.

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