Phil Schiller Discusses Apple Decisions

Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior VP of Marketing, normally plays a key role in Apple Keynotes, but this year's WWDC had very little in the way of hardware, so he sat in the front row, enjoying his birthday with one less responsibility. Had an Apple TV been announced, he likely would have been the one to introduce it. But Schiller did take the time to chat with John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

As you might expect, Schiller stuck to the talking points when it came to topics like iPhone memory and thinness versus battery life. Schiller believes Apple has struck the right balance when it comes to how thin products like the iPhone and new MacBook are compared to features they could have added like larger batteries, more memory for the iPhone, and more ports for the MacBook. The iPhone's entry-level memory has gone up from 4 GB to 8 GB to 16 GB, as it should, since apps are becoming larger thanks to Retina display resolution, etc.) At the same time, Apple lowered the price differential from $200 to $100 to go from 16 GB to 64 GB, so that is a bit more palatable. Indeed when I bought an iPhone 6 for myself and for my daughter, I went straight for the 64 GB model. It's too easy to use up 16 GB on an iPhone with apps, videos, photos, music and more.

Apple doesn't allow expandable microSD memory cards, as most Android phones do. This means Android phone makers are able to ship 8 GB phones without much backlash. Although, Android's operating system leaves a lot less storage space available to the end user compared to iOS from Apple. Gizmodo reports that the new Sony Aqua, which touts 8 GB of storage, only has 1.26 GB available to the end user! 4 GB is used by Android and the rest goes to pre-installed apps, firmware, and other forms of bloat. 

Schiller's response is that iCloud and network services render the need for more storage less important. Apple's latest Apple Music streaming service is an acknowledgement of that trend. But Apple doesn't offer a streaming video service, like Netflix, and video can be the biggest offender when it comes to memory. This is another reason to hope for, and expect, an Apple TV streaming offering. Since it didn't make the cut at WWDC, the next likely announcement is in September, along with a new iPhone. So Phil Schiller will be busy. At least we know it won't be on his birthday!

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