Need a case? Need a battery pack? Need a charger? Prong PWR Is all 3!

Power. You can never have enough. Just ask any president, king, or dictator. That's why I always try to have a spare battery charger or battery case plus the necessary cables. But it can be a pain to carry everything around, and you have to remember everything. Last week, our family stayed in a hotel and my daughter left her charger and cable plugged into the wall in the hotel room. Those Lightning cables aren't cheap!

Prong PWR cases

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Finally, there's something better than the rat's nest of cables and wires required to support iPhone charging. The Prong PWR is a combination case + battery pack + built-in two-prong charger mechanism!  It's brilliant and something that should have been invented long ago. In fact, the Prong case has been around a while, but only now have they added the removable battery pack component.

Prong PWR case

This will make long sessions away from an outlet so much easier. The Prong PWR battery pack offers 100 percent extra charge, essentially doubling your battery life. In fact, with multiple battery packs, users can go indefinitely without being tethered to a wall outlet. Regardless, there are no cables to lose and no chargers to leave behind.  

Prong PWR case

And users don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. The Prong PWR case comes in assorted colors and should please most users. Choices include White High Gloss, Slate Soft Touch, Pink/White High Gloss, and Blue/Grey Soft Touch. Want to charge your device the traditional way? There's a backup microUSB so you can charge (and sync) using your laptop's USB port, etc.

The Prong PWR case will be available at BestBuy this summer for a reasonable $75 but can be preordered at for an even better $65!

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