At the movies: MacGuyver, Karate Kid and more!

As I wrote in a recent blog post (Are you the Ultimate Movie Buff? Prove it!), I am a movie fan.  I'm also an iPhone fan, obviously, so it's nice when the two interests coincide.  There was a time when movie producers had to be convinced to build a website to promote a new movie.  Now, it's all about apps.  Two new movies have done a good job using free apps to drive interest in the corresponding film.

Fans of Saturday Night Live and the MacGruber parody of MacGuyver will appreciate the MacGruber app.  Full of low-brow humor, and totally free, the app combines several features people pay good money for separately.  You get a Bomb Defuser game reminiscent of I Spy, a Mullet Generator, a Soundboard plus Ringtones and Wallpaper photos.  Naturally, the goal is to get you to go to the movie, so the trailer is included and the storyline.  If you have a somewhat immature sense of humor (as I do, I must confess!), you should try this.

Another free movie-based app is The Karate Kid.  When I first saw the trailer for this film, before they mentioned the name, I was ticked off because it looked like a ripoff of the classic The Karate Kid.  Well, it's an official remake, so I guess that's okay!  Jackie Chan stars, and he's always fun to watch, so I'm excited about this "reboot".  The app is decent, with the obligatory "catch the fly with your chopsticks" test.  Some of the activities are hard to master, not because the app is challenging, but because of the controls.  I'm glad I got the app, but also glad I didn't pay for it.

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Still interested in catching flies with chopsticks, but perhaps you prefer a Japanese motif? There is another app that you should check out.  Chopstix from Von Nostrum games is unrelated to The Karate Kid, and indeed, the action takes place in a Japanese Sushi Bar and other Japanese settings. 

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