MoGo Talk Review - A Bluetooth Headset with a Disappearing Trick

LG makes a phone called the Envy, but the LG phone that I've always envied is the Decoy.  The LG Decoy has a snap-on Bluetooth earpiece that always goes with the phone.  It's a novel concept that we iPhone users couldn't take advantage of.  Now, there's a headset for that!


MoGo Talk is a remarkably thin Bluetooth headset from the makers of remarkably thin Bluetooth mice.  I've been a fan of Newton Peripherals since they came out with their MoGo Bluetooth mouse that could fit in the PCMCIA or ExpressCard slot for storage as well as charging.  The mouse was always ready and surprisingly comfortable to use.

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That same methodology has been carried over to the MoGo Talk.  This credit-card thin (5mm) headset fits into a custom case for the iPhone (included) adding just a little bit of bulk to the iPhone.  To use, apply a bit of pressure and the MoGo Talk ejects and unfolds to three dimensions, becoming a rather stylish and sturdy earpiece.  However, this can add some delay so until you get good at it, keep the earpiece in your ear in order to quickly answer a call.  Use the case storage for travel and for charging.

MoGo Talk for the iPhone


Call quality was fine as was the comfort factor.  Obviously, being so thin, the MoGo Talk is very lightweight (9 grams) and should be wearable for extended periods of time.  Talk time is quoted at 4 hours with a standby time of over one week.


Unfortunately, the MoGo Talk BlackBerry version has an advantage over the iPhone version.  Since those phones have a removable battery, the MoGo Talk snaps in as a replacement battery cover and charges with the phone.  The iPhone has no removable battery so an extra cable is required to charge the headset.  This isn't MoGo's fault but it's less than ideal.


Pairing the MoGo Talk with the iPhone was quick and painless.  I never even needed to enter the PIN Code (which is 0000).  Regular readers of my articles know I wear glasses, so traditional Bluetooth headsets are often problematic for me.  Too much stuff around the ears!  But the MoGo Talk fits inside the ear, like Lieutenant Uhura, and the variety of eartip adaptors included make this effective.


I tend to wear my iPhone on my hip, in a protective case with a swivel holster.  The MoGo Talk case is acceptable, but doesn't provide the same level of coverage and protection.  I switch cases more often than my wife switches purses, so for specific occasions, I could see using the MoGo Talk case, but other times I may need the rugged protection of an OtterBox or the extended battery capabilities of a Mophie JuicePack Air.


I know the integrated case is a big selling point, and for many users they will be satisfied with it.  For me, I would just like the option of a small USB or wall charger so I could continue to use any case.  Of course, I can just carry the MoGo case and cable in my travel bag and that's probably what I will do most of the time.  But it would be neat to have the MoGo Talk in a credit-card case in my wallet, with a built-in USB cable, like some current USB drives.  In fact, they sell a laptop version of the MoGo Talk with an ExpressCard charging adapter, so a USB interface wouldn't be that farfetched.  Or, a USB -> ExpressCard could do the trick (


The MoGo Talk is available for $129.95 from the Apple Store and at



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