Make your iPhone "Life Proof" with the right case

Being a perfectionist isn't easy.  But when it comes to making a waterproof iPhone case, it's a requirement.  That's why it was nice to see that personality in the folks from LifeProof.  I met them at MacWorld in January 2011, and they showed me a prototype of their upcoming iPhone 4 case.  It was waterproof, dirtproof, shockproof, and even snowproof, hence the name "LifeProof."  I have seen and tried other waterproof cases before, but they were much bulkier and they obstructed the various ports, so you had to fully remove the case to charge them.

LifeProof case

LifeProof's case is different.  It's streamlined so the case isn't much bigger than a typical case.  They have a flipdown waterproof door that allows you to access the 30-pin dock connector without removing the entire phone.  And the headphone jack is protected by a rubberized screw-in cap and they even provide an extra in case you lose it!

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I mentioned they are perfectionists and in the subsequent months, they sent me samples, each time correcting some esoteric issue that bothered them.  I would have been fine with the earlier models, but it's nice to know someone is striving for perfection.

LifeProof at the beach

The only thing that might cause concern is the price.  At $69.95, the LifeProof case is on the high-end for a case, even a waterproof one, but I guess perfection has its price.  What I have done is find friends of mine who have an iPhone 4 (and doesn't everybody these days?) and share the case with them.  For example, I took the case on a trip to Cancun last month and now, my best friend borrowed it for his trip to Hawaii.  I'm not near water that much but if I was a boater/surfer/swimmer, it might be my primary case.

DirtProof LifeProof iPhone case

The LifeProof case is available in black, white and pink.  They offer a ton of accessories for swimming, biking, and more, so check out the LifeProof Store and enjoy the rest of the Summer... and get ready for skiing in the Winter!

LifeProof winter

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