Logitech's ever expanding keyboard line includes an expanding keyboard!

Logitech has a ton of accessories for your PC, Mac, and tablets, and it just got bigger with Logitech - Fold-Up Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple® iPad® 2.  Speaking of getting bigger, the keyboard gets bigger, expanding to a full-size touch-typable keyboard.  It's a trick right out of a Transformers' movie and it doesn't get old.  I used it a recent TED conference and my iPad-toting colleagues were appreciative... and jealous.  I even brought it out at a Microsoft Windows Phone event, just for kicks!


Logitech keyboard

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At $130, it's not for everyone.  But BestBuy just put it on sale for a very attractive $70 for a pre-Black Friday sale, so now is the time to pick up this sleek expanding keyboard.  Unlike competing fold-up keyboards, there is no awkward repositioning of certain keys to create a 'seam' midway through the keyboard, so you can indeed touch type.  The only exception is the space bar which now becomes two space bars, but that shouldn't be prohibitive.

Logitech keyboard

The case/keyboard combo also acts as a stand, so you position the iPad comfortably for typing.  It is strictly a landscape affair, however.  There are some drawbacks.  When the unit is collapsed, it adds a fair amount of thickness to the iPad 2, making it almost like an original iPad.  Fortunately, there is a quick release mechanism and you are back to your svelt iPad 2.  Of course the keyboard pairs via Bluetooth and it requires its own power, so there is a mini USB port to charge the device.  I don't care for the front-facing placement of the port because it would mean a cable would get in the way if you were to leave it plugged in while using the keyboard.  But a nice touch is that the keyboard turns on or off by expanding or collapsing the gadget.  Keep in mind that your rear facing camera is covered.

The Logitech - Fold-Up Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple® iPad® 2 is a well-made, well thought-out implementation that is more attractive with today's sale from BestBuy!

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