Kogeto Dot captures the big picture


Kogeto: The name is inspired by, and reminiscent of Cogito Ergo Sum, Latin for "I think, therefore I am."  But the phrase that comes to mind when I tried Kogeto's DOT camera gizmo is "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Indeed, the Kogeto is worth more, because it lets you create panoramic views that are really interactive videos.  You can swipe your finger to pan in any direction and see the view as if a videocamera was pointed in that direction, at that time.  This is accomplished through a special lens attachment that snaps right on to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.


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Kogeto Dot  Kogeto Dot


You might be tempted to think the Kogeto Dot is just another panoramic camera, but these are immersive videos.  There is no need to stitch together photos… the free Looker app handles everything including the ability to upload to Facebook, twitter, and Kogeto.com.  The videos aren't really suitable for YouTube precisely because they are interactive… you swipe to determine what portion of the 360 degree view you want to see.  So Kogeto maintains a site called 'dotspots' where users can share their videos.

Kogeto Dot


The lightweight attachment is easy to add to your purse or pocket.  The Dot sells for $79, is available in black, red, pink, or green, and required no batteries or power source.


Kogeto DotKogeto Dot

Kogeto DotKogeto Dot

I wish I had a Kogeto when I attended Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference in June 2011.  I was able to use an app called Double Photo to record a simultaneous photo of Steve Jobs on stage plus me, in the audience, but it would have been really special to capture a live video of him presenting to the crowd, including myself.  I can see Kogeto being useful for showcasing real estate, virtually touring a museum or capturing the moment at sporting events, concerts, and more.   Maybe Kogeto can get a football player to record some video of the SuperBowl from the 50 yard line!  Other potential events worth capturing with the Dot could be Occupy Wall Street, college graduations, the upcoming political conventions, and the inevitable inauguration, whether it's a newbie or reelection… you name it, if it's a big event, it's worth capturing with the Kogeto Dot.


While the Dot was funded as a Kickstarter project, Kogeto is no fly-by-night firm running out of someone's garage.  The Dot is essentially an iPhone-sized version of their high-end Lucy panoramic system.  Kogeto is based in New York City, but  I'm proud to say that the optics were developed here, in Rochester, New York where I am based.  Rochester is the home of Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, and affectionately known as the Image Center of the World!

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