IOgrapher Turns Your iPad Into a Professional Videography Solution

Videography and the iPad don't usually go together. And that's a shame because the large screen of the iPad and even the iPad mini make for a great video editing tool. Without a USB port or SD card slot, transferring video files to the iPad is a hassle, even with AirDrop. Ideally, you could easily record quality video on the iPad and edit it immediately using iMovie or third party apps.

Unfortunately, it can be cumbersome to hold an iPad steady while recording video. Fortunately, IOgrapher has a robust solution. The IOgrapher offering includes a polymer shell for the iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone 5/5s. On the sides of the case, in landscape mode, are two handles which make it easy to hold steady while recording. Better yet, the bottom of the IOgraphy case has a standard tripod mount. Depending on the model, there are two or three shoe mounts on the top of the case. These are standard mounts for SLR accessories, many of which are sold by IOgrapher. For example, you can mount a boom microphone or LED lighting module.

IOgrapher LED

All of these well-thought-out enhancements make for a very customizable solution. For example, the other day I needed to record a person giving a speech. I used multiple cameras and setup the iPad in the IOgrapher case as well. I was able to use the Teleprompter Pro app to provide the script, while providing direct lighting and using a boom microphone thanks to the IOgraphy case.

IOgrapher lens

But wait, there's more. Since the iPhone camera and lens is usually superior to the iPad of the same generation, IOgrapher includes a screw-on 37mm lens mount and they offer a couple of lenses to enhance the iPad's recorded video. Additionally, IOgrapher recommends software to get the most out of their videography solution. Specifically, IOgrapher recommends SwitcherStudio which is a powerful tool that turns an iPad into a broadcasting console in an app!


With SwitcherStudio, a director can connect to multiple iOS devices on the same Wi-Fi network, controlling and combining the multiple video streams into one video file. From within the iPad app, the user can pan and zoom the different cameras, running the companion app. This gives you the best of both worlds. Users can record from iPhones, or iPads using the IOgrapher cases, lenses and microphones, and edit the content in real-time on a full-size iPad. There is a subscription to unlock a variety of features, but for the serious amateur, and certainly for the professional videographer, it could be well worth it.

FiLMiC Pro

IOgrapher also recommends FiLMiC Pro, a $7.99 app that offers Hollywood-level control typically found in expensive dedicated video cameras. If you desire manual control over settings normally hidden away in the built-in camera app, this is the app for you. Combined with the IOgrapher case and either an iPad or iPhone, and a 37mm lens, this may be the end of single purpose handheld video cameras.

Never before has such power been at the fingertips, literally, of an individual user, professional or amateur, at such a low cost. No wonder hundreds of schools around the country; major broadcast outlets like BBC and Telemundo are using our IOgrapher for professional broadcasts like the World Cup. Now you can too!




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