Hand it to the Handstand iPad case

I confess, I am a serial case-swapper.  I get to try out a lot of cases, as a writer for iPhone Life Magazine, so I can pick and choose the right case for the right job.  Maybe it's a waterproof iPhone case for my trip to Cancun, or glow-in-the-dark iPhone case I used on a recent camping trip.  The same applies for my iPad 2.  I have a trade show coming up and I expect to be demoing my apps on my iPad, so the case I will be using is the Handstand.


What's nice about the Handstand is that it's so comfortable to use.  The iPad really becomes an extension of your hand, which makes it great for demonstrations.  You can hold your iPad facing yourself, for daily use, or flick your wrist and it's facing your client or prospect.  The well-built 360 degree rotating grip means you can use it in landscape or portrait mode with ease.

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I've used their original case, for my iPad 1, so I was looking forward to the new case for my iPad 2.  Sure enough, they cut out a hole for the camera, as well as slits for the speaker.  They changed the packaging from a solid box to a see through plastic, which lets the potential customer see the product, which is a plus.  My only suggestion is that they cut an opening in the packaging so people could touch it and feel how solid the construction is.


The case itself is made out of polyurethane (the stuff used for skateboard wheels) and the handle/stand part is ABS plastic, with an elastic band.  The felt lining protects your iPad's back and the extra ridges on the side help improve your grip.  This is a nice, solid case and just might become my everyday iPad case.  You can even use the rotating handle as a stand, hence the name Handstand, albeit just at a short angle... but it's just right for typing.

The case is available in black, white, or pink.  The white case reminds me of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars, especially with a white iPad 2!


The Handstand is a nice, solid case and just might become my everyday iPad case, saving me from my case-swapping addiction!  Now if they only made an iPhone case...

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