Go for the Gold with Draco's Ducati Licensed Metal Bumper

If you've managed to get your hands on a rare gold iPhone 5s, as I was finally able to do, you probably don't want to cover up that rare metal exterior with a boring case. However, you probably do want to protect that phone. A Ventare A (for aluminum) case from Draco may be just the solution.

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These cases are really bumpers, made of metal and polymer and they screw in to protect your iPhone 5s (or original iPhone 5) while leaving the iPhone's back exposed to the world. Because of the screw-in nature of these bumper cases, you will not want to remove and reapply the cases frequently. The Ventare A case is licensed by Ducati and matches the elegant, race-inspired design of those high end sportbikes.


My neighbor happens to own a Ducati, while I just have a couple of Vespa scooters. This case lets me finally say I own a Ducati! And with the open back design, it also lets me tell the world I have a gold iPhone 5s!

But bragging rights are not why I wanted the case, or the gold iPhone. iPhones keep their value better than most phones, and since the gold one was in short supply, it will presumably be more valuable than the other models in a year or so when I inevitably upgrade to the iPhone 6! And a case like the Draco Ventare A will help preserve that value, while not hiding the phone's gold exterior. Naturally, for my gold iPhone, I chose the gold bumper, but it is available in red or black, like a Ducati, as well as white, gray, or silver.


There are some nice extras included in the box, so be careful before you toss out the packaging or you might miss the lanyard and included stylus, the miniature screwdriver needed to fasten the case, and a little sticker that you could place over or below the Apple logo to show your love for the Ducati brand! These add-ons are a nice touch and make the Draco Ventare A case a nice gift this holiday season, for both Ducati owners and wannabe owners!


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