Give your iOS devices a HyperBoost of storage with the iUSBport

Sanho makes a variety of battery packs under the HyperJuice name that give you extra power for iOS, Apple, and other USB based devices, but I was intrigued by their latest offering. The iUSBport is a hockey puck sized device that takes any USB hard drive or flash drive and turns it into a wireless storage device!

You can plug something as small as a 16GB flash drive or as big as a 3 terabyte hard disk drive and access the content from up to three devices at a time. Those devices can be iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches, but also Android devices!

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To access the wireless data, just use a modern browser like Safari or Chrome and you can view videos and photos wirelessly! You just browse to the default address that the iUSBport broadcasts from, once you connect to the iUSBport WiFi network. There's also a built in FTP server so you can transfer files wirelessly!

A neat bonus feature is that you can use the USB port to charge your iOS device, provided you supply the USB cable! This could really help, in a punch. The device itself charges using a custom cable and a USB charger (not provided, and they recommend an iPad caliber 5watt charger) and can last about five hours on a full charge.

The iUSBport is available in white or black. Another nice touch is an integrated LCD screen that displays the current status of the iUSBport.

You might be concerned that by connecting to the iUSBport's WiFi network, you are giving up your Internet connectivity. Fortunately, they have a pass through option that allows you to connect to both the Internet and the iUSBport.

Given the high prices Apple charges to go from 16GB to 32GB, or to 64GB, the iUSBport offers a flexible, affordable alternative. And because that extra storage can be shared among multiple devices, and can be as large as you can find, the iUSBport is a great accessory for your gadget bag!
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