Get IN TIME: The Game, FREE, based on Justin Timberlake's new movie

Okay, I'm a sucker for Logan's Run, both the classic Sci Fi movie, and videogames inspired by the genre.  So I am looking forward to Justin Timberlake's new flick, In Time, where time is a commodity and people live a short life and he finds a way to beat the system.  I'll probably see the movie this weekend, but fortunately, I've been preparing by playing the IN TIME - The Game app, both on my iPad and iPhone.  And now you can get the app FOR FREE!


I've often thought that apps that promote movies should be free, so it's nice to see they've dropped the price, at least for now, to generate some enthusiasm (and ticket sales!)  I also like that it's a Universal app.  Since the app is one of those tilt-to-move games, plus some on-screen buttons for dodging and jumping, I find the iPad is a good gaming system to use, but on a recent flight, I resorted to using my iPhone due to the cramped quarters!

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The game is pretty straightforward... keep running, get bonus time, help citizens and avoid the bad guys.  I think it will make more sense when I see the movie, but the premise isn't hard to decipher from the trailer.


The cinematic touches are impressive.  I swear it's like they motion captured Justin Timberlake, when he dodges... looks just like one of his dance moves!  No, I'm not a Justin-fan from his N-Sync or Back Street Boys days (I forgot which band he was in) but I'm familiar with his movie (The Social Network, Bad Teacher) and TV work (Saturday Night Live!)

Justin Timberlake

Back to the game.  IN TIME should be easy for kids to pick up and play, and give you some insight into the plot of the movie.  Maybe I'll bring my iPhone into the theatre and pretend I'm acting out the scene!  Just kidding... but it would be neat for a future movie/app tie-in to have the audience participate!

So go get IN TIME - The Game, while it's free and see you at the movies!


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