Dexim unleashes a monster in the form of a remote control truck!

Apps are passé. This holiday season, kids will want are real world gadgets that can be controlled by apps! And that's exactly what Dexim delivers with their Gyro Controlled Monster Truck.

The Dexim AppSpeed RC Monster Truck ships with a slim Radio Frequency adapter for the iOS device's 30 pin dock connector. The RF connector works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad but might not fit if you have your device in a case. You also get a USB cable that charges your truck either from a USB port or the included battery pack which allows you to recharge on the fly, provided you supply 3 AAA batteries. A nice touch is there is an LED on the cable that indicates when it is charging or charged.

The truck itself is tiny and speedy, which means you might have trouble chasing it down! Since it uses radio, it works beyond line of sight so you have to stay on top of it or you could lose it under the couch!

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Dexim provides a free app which gives you the choice of control by buttons or gyroscope! You can tilt your iOS device to control the car or select buttons for spin, zigzag or even dance to music! The app has a nice looking interface although the diagonal swipe gestures for forward and reverse are a bit awkward. Since it's an app, it can be easily updates if Dexim decides to.

There's a lot to like about the Dexim RC Monster Truck. It looks cool, is fast and responsive, works without line of sight and has a sleek looking interface. I like that they provide a AAA battery pack so you can have virtually unlimited driving sessions.

The app could use some refinements and I'd like to be able to use the RF adaptor with a case, especially since this toy is geared towards kids and I wouldn't want to leave my iPhone or iPad unprotected. In the end, the Dexim RC Monster Truck is a joy to use and for under $70 it's a great gift for the holidays.
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