Crimson's Pocket EAZL transforms from pocket-size to full-size tablet stand

Sometimes iOS product vendors overstate their product's abilities. So it's refreshing to see Crimson's Pocket EAZL which, if anything, underestimates what it can do.

The solidly engineered stand folds out in countless orientations, so while Crimson only advertises three or four positions, I could easily double that or more. So you're guaranteed to find a way to support your iPad or any tablet for that matter, in portrait or landscape, and view a movie, type a novel, or just display your device. The Crimson Pocket EAZL is like the Swiss army knife of tablet stands!

Crimson is known for high end audio video mounting solutions, so this is a serious piece of equipment, even though it's targeted at a consumer device. The Pocket EAZL is mode of solid aluminum and zinc, plus some rubber for non stick purpose, and, despite the maker's name (Crimson) it is available in black, silver, or rose.

My only criticism is the Pocket EAZL should have a larger, more noticeable name and website on it, as inevitably, people are going to stop me and ask where I got it!

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