Bring the arcade home with iCADE from ThinkGeek!

I've been having a ball with the iCADE, $100 from though I've also seen it at Toys R Us and Best Buy. Originally conceived as an April Fools Day joke, the idea was so attractive that they had it built as a real product... something that happens with remarkable frequency!

So what is iCADE? At the simplest level, it is a Bluetooth keyboard that has a handful of buttons and a joystick that act as input devices for supported apps. But it's more than that... The iCADE is a personal tabletop-size retro-style arcade cabinet, with heavy duty buttons and a joystick. The iCADE connects via bluetooth and requires AA batteries. There is an opening for a 30-pin dock connector cable (not included) so you can charge your iPad (original or iPad 2, or future iPads, presumably!)

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In order for the iCADE to be practical, you need apps that support using a Bluetooth keyboard as the physical buttons and joystick directional signals are mapped to the numbers 0 to 9. This is required because, when pairing a Bluetooth keyboard, you will need to enter a numerical PIN code.

Fortunately, the granddaddy of retro arcade games, Atari, has released their greatest hits as a free app, with two games included and a total of 100 games total, available via In-App purchases, with full support the iCADE. Other vendors support the iCADE include Warblade HD, a gorgeous throwback to Galaga. More iCADE compatible apps are listed at These games beg for joystick and button mashing controls and the iCADE makes for a perfect companion.

The buzz is that the Apple TV has Bluetooth and it will be activated with iOS 5. This means the iCADE or a similar joystick/button device, without the iPad enclosure, could be even more useful!

As Hannibal said on the A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together!". And I love it when an outrageous idea leaps from an April Fools Day drawing board to the marketplace... Just in time for the holidays!

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