Lucky Winners of the WWDC Ticket Lottery Have Until April 14 to Get Their Tickets

Usually when you win the lottery, you get some money. But with Apple's WWDC ticket lottery, winning entitles you to pay $1,599 plus expenses to attend their Worldwide Developers Conference during the week of June 2. The lottery system for WWDC is new this year, although Apple used a similar system for their regional Tech Talk Tours last year. I have attended a few WWDCs in the past, and was able to see Steve Jobs in person. I just had to be lucky enough to read my email and register within a few minutes, much to the chagrin of potential attendees who were asleep when the emails were sent. The lottery system should make it fairer for those who live in other time zones.


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Developers who won the lottery can now buy their tickets by April 14 or forfeit the opportunity, opening up chances for others. Tickets are supposed to be non-transferrable; so if you think you could pick one up on eBay, you could be out a lot of money. So don't risk it. Videos of almost all of the sessions will be recorded and available to developers through the official WWDC app or the developers' web portal.

There is usually a keynote with product announcements and that will likely be streamed to, Apple TV, and possibly iTunes Festival or another iOS app. Apple is not just about iOS, so the product announcements will probably include new Macs and Mac OS updates. A 12" MacBook Air is rumored, to consolidate the current 11" and 13" products. Now that the MacBook Pro doesn't have an optical drive, the differences between the Pro and Air are becoming less dramatic.

iOS 8 is likely to be introduced, and should support larger iPhone screens. A new iPhone 6 may not be announced at WWDC in June, as Apple might save that for September, if past is prologue. But if new apps are to leverage a new screen size, Apple needs to educate their developers beforehand and WWDC is ideal for that.

An Apple iWatch is also anticipated, and if third-party apps are part of the solution, Apple can use WWDC to show developers how to write for such a small device. Apple won't be cannibalizing sales of an existing Apple product, so it is something they could preannounce.

Amazon Fire TV

Apple TV is due for an update. With the release of the impressive (at least on paper) Amazon Fire TV featuring voice control, Apple needs to update this device just to stay competitive. Third-party apps could turn Apple TV into a console and open up a whole new line of revenue for developers. Again, WWDC would be a great venue to introduce a new Apple TV with support for apps.

One thing is certain; you can look for news coverage from iPhone Life during the conference!

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