Alfa case is an iPhone case with a designer's edge

I love the iPhone 4's design, with one exception. I am on record that the glass back is a design flaw that I would like to see go away and it appears that the iPhone 5 may indeed remedy that with a return to aluminum, the favorite material of Apple's recently knighted Sir Jony Ive. Indeed, the glass back is the primary reason I keep my iPhone 4 in a case, where it would harm the aesthetic appeal, per the late Steve Jobs. Fortunately, there are some good-looking cases, including a few with aluminum components. I've shied away from them because they often require special tools to insert or remove the iPhone from the case. Considering that some docks do not accommodate those cases, it can be a pain to carry a special wrench just to remove the case to dock the phone.

So when I saw the 'Alfa' case from Edge Design ( today at the Consumer Electronics Show, I was pleased to see that, despite the use of aluminum, they have incorporated a polymer band that makes it easy to remove the iPhone as needed -- no tools required. This also makes it easy to customize, as you can choose different colored aluminum (coming soon) and different colored bands (8 so far) to create a truly unique case. You could match your favorite sports team or your car, which in my case is an Alfa Romeo convertible!

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Edge Design admits that, in addition to Apple, they take their styling cues (and the Alfa name) from Alfa Romeo's Pininfarina designers, so I am looking forward to using my car and phone together when the weather improves! I'll post a photo of the two Alfas too.


Edge will soon have other designs like the Aktiv, a more rugged looking yet still sleek aluminum based case and more blingy and eco-centric models to come. Other phones besides those from Apple will also get the Edge treatment, as will the iPad!

Edge's founders are very eco-friendly and they've made sure their products are as well. The retail packaging itself is a product worthy of purchasing. The cases come in clear, ziplock-sealed, waterproof and sandproof bags that would be great for bringing your iPhone or wallet to the beach. I will be bringing mine on my upcoming cruise to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. I'll post some photos then, too!

But back to the Alfa case. Because of the use of aluminum, there is not a lot of added weight, and it looks like it came out of Cupertino. Indeed, Edge Design is based in San Francisco, and the case was the result of an easily funded Kickstarter project. Edge Design has a really positive world view and if you sign up on their website, they'll make a $1 donation to charity. So check them out and watch for more cool products.

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