You want more time? Now there's an App for that!

Skyclock icon If you ever wished for a genie to give you a longer life, there is now an App for that!  Skyclock shows you how to get your day's worth, each and every day! 

When I first saw this App I thought "So what?" but then as I started using it I rapidly discovered what a useful and rather amazing tool it was. I never thought about the daily changing skylight conditions that we take for granted. It just doesn't get light or dark at the same time every day! This is especially true in the Northern latitudes where there are widely varying times of usefull twilight time, depending on the time of year.

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In the summer when I love being outside. I feel that I now have a whole new outlook on things and expanded capabilities I never had before. I hate to think of the many evenings I didn't get outside for another round of golf, or a walk, because I thought it would be dark too soon (when in point-of-fact there were actually more daylight hours than I imagined)

I also love to motorcycle ride, but try to avoid night driving because of the increased accident risk and the ever present "critter" in the road that you can't see until too late. With Skyclock I now know how much daylight I have left to safely ride in. and it has given me a lot more riding time than I had before.

I can hardly wait to show this to my hunting friends who struggle to get out into the woods in the dark before the deer are moving. I suspect that they almost always go out way earlier than they needed too With Skyclock they could probably get an extra 1/2 hour or more, of sleep and still be out in time.

This is a neat idea, that I find grows on me and creates new ideas for use every day.  If you are a senior that worries about driving at night (if not you then this is a nice gift for older people in your life), a golfer that would like to get a round in after dinner if you could, or a hunter that wants to sleep as late as you can but still get into the woods before daylight, or any other outdoors person then this App offers one of the greatest gifts in the world. . . the gift of time.

And hey the (free) price is sure right too.

If you like to get outdoors. I think this will be one App you will want to have on your iPhone.

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