Contacts Browsing Tips

The “Contacts” feature of the iPhone may be one of the most useful Apps there is. The ability to always have current information on the people and events you interact with daily is “priceless.”

Here are several tips that can make your “Contacts” experience easier and more useful.

First, if you have as many entries as I do then you have probably “lost” one somewhere along the line.

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For some time after getting my iPhone I was frustrated that there was not a SEARCH or FIND function to help me locate lost entries.

There is a FIND, I just didn’t know it! It is rather subtly hidden at the top of the scroll Index list.

Tap PointsYou can search your Contacts by tapping the magnifying glass (looks like a capital "Q") at the top of the list (Red arrow).

This brings up a dialog box where you can enter your search word.

If you have scrolled way down into your list, you don't have to flick pages to get back to the top. A single Tap on the Top Status Bar (Yellow Arrow) causes the screen to scrollback to the top automatically.

[Actually this is a iPhone standard that works on almost any screen (email,PDF, webpages, etc), allowing you to return to the top of page.]


Also note that to quickly scroll to a alphabetic point in the list, you do not need to flick the pages with your finger (which works OK for short distances, but is slow for long runs).

Instead just Tap on the Index letter where you want to go. For instance, tapping on the “T” will take you immediately to the beginning of the “T” entries in your list.


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